10 ideas on planning
  1. While a ship sails from the port, the captain knows his destination. When his fellow men ask him for the next directions, the captain cannot say, "sail on for another 10 kms, then we shall see how much fuel we have and then decide course of action" No, he cant! so he better be having the knowledge of the winds, fuel consumption, risks of weather and other factors that are going to affect his journey. Critical factors: he needs to keep his sight "ON" to be able to identify dangers and be able to change course, if required,  so it is a dynamic journey, dynamic decisions and expertise which makes him an able captain.
  2. Likewise, in your financial goals journey, you must have financial goals towards the journey of your financial future, rather secured financial goals. You need to evaluate all risks involved before investing. You should be having all the factors evaluated essential for your secured future.
  3. Without setting up goals, you may be a rudderless ship...
  4. Having such analysis done through an experienced and knowledgeable person like a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM would perhaps  give you the right path which also needs to be reviewed every 6 months or every year.
  5. Change is constant and you must take it in stride.
  6. Is there a cost to getting the above ideas, YES. and you should be prepared to get a professional provide you with such advice. Someone who is certified by a worldwide organisation and brings that confidence and knowledge with him.
  7. when I meet my potential clients, questions like "how much interest will you be able to get" is honestly asking that captain, How far can this ship go...( his ship has the capacity to sail for much longer journeys, but may need re fuelling on reaching one port)
  8.  Have confidence and trust on this captain of your journey and give him to time to wade through the rough weathers.
  9. Get educated on some basic from him only and let this captain give you the basics through some online access (Its like taking a comfortable executive room on that ship!)
  10. Buy the ticket to ride this journey and have a pleasant journey on your financial secured future.