Taresh Bhatia

Why Us?

With years of experience comes wisdom and knowledge to enable us to advise

Knowledge of the industry, profession, products and in depth analysis

Skills of financial planning sharpened with being an Associate Financial Planner.

Attitude of having positive learning and continued education brings right inclination towards having the right perpespetive for client's best interests in mind as well as profitability for self

With this Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Habit, comes "KASH" or call it "CASH"


  1. Our Vision to move from Red ocean to Blue Ocean where our expertise, knowledge, skills, attitude and habits bring business.
  2. With a focus on offering unbiased and professional opinion to all our clients willing to get associated, brings unique opportunity to offer an array of services on a single platform, which is unique, trustworthy and hassle free.
  3. Ease of operating: With one single website, www.advantagefp.in, you get whole world of information and basic knowledge without spending anything or investing. A the initial stage, all you have to do is "log in" with your user id and password to become our "member"
  4. If you are convinced and sure of going ahead with starting your investments and are looking forward to a single window for looking at your live "portfolio", call us to start the process and become our "premium client"; here in you get option of having your part/ entire portfolio" log in facility and also for online transactions.
  5. Being compliant and bound by ethics, we are sure to declare our mode of earnings. For more information, become a member and get full information about our earnings and see how transparent we are and hence understand the difference between a doctor and a chemist!
  6. Post financial planning, the continued support in terms of getting information, updates, newsletters, redemptions, asset allocations, market views, what's happenings, new launches etc., - all starts your unique experience for a smooth sailing on investment ship!

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Contact Address

107 Qutab Plaza, DLF Phase- 1
Gurgaon-122002, Haryana

Phone: +91 124 4502200. +919810144683
Email: taresh@taresh.in

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